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I'm trying to make a Poison deck and my main card would be Crobat up with Virbank City Gym to keep poisoning them. Basically it's a poison deck.
I find it to be kinda slow, is a Crobat deck good?

1x Giratina - Plasma Storm 62/135
2x Crobat - Plasma Storm 55/135
2x Golbat - Plasma Storm 54/135
1x Shedinja - Dragons Exalted 48/124
2x Koffing - Plasma Storm 56/135
1x Mewtwo EX - BW45 Promo
3x Zubat -(2x Plasma Storm 52/135 & 1x Plasma Storm 53/135)
2x Nincada - Dragons Exalted 10/124
2x Weezing - Plasma Storm 58/135

2x Switch
2x Potion
1x Computer Search
3x Virbank City Gym
1x Ultra Ball
2x Team Plasma Grunt
1x Level Ball
2x Energy Search
2x Pokemon Communication
2x Ether
1x Bill
2x Escape Rope
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Colress
1x Professor Juniper

2x Plasma Energy
12x Psychic Energy
2x Grass Energy

So I know the Grass energy are pretty useless. Today I just got some cards that I replaced my grass Pokemon with, so now my deck doesn't have grass energy using Pokemon.I'm thinking about replacing them with Psychic, should I?

And I'm basing my deck around a Poison deck, please help me in that?

Edit: So I added in a few cards yesterday, so I think my deck is getting better by the day.
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