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I've loved Kingdom Hearts since it first came out and fell in love with the first game, and have been following the series ever since playing every single game (including Final Mixes, but haven't played coded). Now, I'm gonna be honest I do think the games are fun gameplay-wise (birth by sleep's introduction of the command deck was amazing) but the story is god awful, and it's what's mainly deterring me away from the series sometimes. But, I'm going to be sticking around for Kingdom Hearts 3 as it finally ends Xehanort's saga and since I played mostly all of the games, I might as well finish it. But, if Nomura is really planning to continue the story after Xehanort's saga, that's where I might be finally dropping the series.

My favorite game in the series has to be Birth By Sleep. I simply adore the Command Deck, since I thought it was such a great innovation for the series, aside from the constant "TRIANGLE" mashing from KH2.

My least favorite has to be COM, since I felt that the card battle system was a little bit boring, and I just couldn't get into it.

Favorite character has to be Aqua. Big step-up from Kairi as being one of the main female leads.

Least favorite has to be Roxas. I'm gonna be honest, as a character he's kinda boring; but he's pretty awesome with dual-wielding I must admit.
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