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    BlahIsSuck: It's a nation-wide electronics store. Sorry for being vague, but there's always that slim chance that somebody connected to what's going on in some way could read this, so...

    Nakuzami: Thanks. It wouldn't be that bad of a job if we actually had enough employees to staff the store properly, but when you're in a small town at one of the smallest stores in a nation-wide chain, working with high-value product, are getting competition from a similar store a couple doors down and a big-box store across the parking lot, and being expected to do almost as much as the larger stores despite all that... Let's just say I'm really regretting taking the job, and while I'm grateful that I have a job, because I know a lot of people don't, I wish I could afford to leave, and have for almost a month. It was supposed to be a part-time job for a couple years while I get my freelance business established and study for my editing certification, but it's taking over my life, and I'm sick of it.