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The metagame is apparently very non-competitive right now because of some broken Team Plasma cards that came out recently. Supposedly. I haven't been able to go to my league in about a month (basically was last there before the release of Plasma Freeze), so I'm only going off of what I've been hearing has changed. Personally, I would run an anti-metagame deck.

Team Plasma cards work basically like any other card would, except when it pertains to any effects on cards that specify "Team Plasma". Team Plasma cards are indicated by the blue borders they have on the front. As more cards come out, it seems to be a very broken engine, much like the SP cards from a few years ago. Unfortunately, it's not very balanced because of the card Pokemon Catcher, which is basically Gust of Wind from the original Base Set with a new name. I'd wait until the likely format-rotation in August before jumping into competitive play fully.

That said, if you're not playing competitively, you would probably have more fun, as players might get bored and try new things. The only major open-entry tournament left in this play season is Nationals, though.

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