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Update #1 for my Ultimate Bug challenge on LeafGreen


-Chose Squirtle as my starter
-Did all the beginning stuff before rushing off to Viridian Forest and catching a Caterpie
-Caught a Weedle while grinding Caterpie
-Used Squirtle to grind Caterpie to level 10 and evolve him before boxing Squirtle
-Pretty Easily beat Rival Green with Butterfree's Confusion
-Ground Weedle until he evolved into Beedrill
-Caught another Caterpie and Weedle to round out my team until I can get more bugs
-Went to take on Brock, planning on having to face him over and over to level up until I could beat him
-Beat Brock in one go, Onix took out Butterfree, but Beedrill managed to poison him immediately and just outlast him
-Used trainers until Mt. Moon to level up and evolve my second Caterpie and Weedle
-Made it through Mt. Moon, catching a Paras along the way
-Got to Cerulean and beat Rival Green again
-Beat all of the trainers around Cerulean before taking a break for the night

Current Team:

Paras Lvl 17 {Effect Spore}
Bullet Seed, Scratch, Stun Spore, Poisonpowder

Beedrill Lvl 15 {Swarm}
Poison Sting, Fury Attack, Harden, Focus Energy

Butterfree Lvl 15 {CompoundEyes}
Confusion, Tackle Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder

Beedrill Lvl 15 {Swarm}
Poison Sting, Fury Attack, Harden, Focus Energy

Butterfree Lvl 20 {CompoundEyes}
Confusion, Tackle, Poisonpowder, Supersonic

All in all, a bit repetitive right now, as I can only get ahold of 3 bugs lol. Still enjoying it, the Rival battles are proving the easiest battles so far, even though he has a Pidgeotto. Really enjoying the challenge.
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