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    Knifish sounds like a good name, Ill use it. Gimmepie you can also do a personalized pokemon.


    I havent done one of these in a while

    The name's Jim

    So this new design is gonna be based on an Earthworm. First of all the typing, at first I thought Bug/Ground would be a given but then I remembered earthworms aren't insects so the type doesn't match. It could either be pure Ground type or Ground and another type. The design itself its tricky because if it wasn't for Excadrill already existing, the design would basically write itself. Ive chosen 2 different design routes that could be used instead.

    1. Accordion Body- The body would be divided into 2 or 3 parts with Accordion Pallets(yes I looked that up lol) uniting them. This would be based on how earthworms move by expanding and contracting isolated areas of the body to move.

    2. Magnetic segments- This would look like Onix a bit but the body its made of a lot of magnetic segments that can separate at will, also I think that giving this design 2 faces would play well with the earthworm characteristic that if being cut in half the two halfs would work individually.

    Im living a lot of room for creativity so anyone who wants to take on this design, good luck.
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