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    Chapter 5: A Dragons Tale

    'It all started the day I was born.' Izaac began softly. Lovac listening intently.
    'My parents were 1000 years old and Living in Rome. I spent the first few years of my life there, growth during the early ages is basically like a normal humans at this point until about the age of 10. I remember the smell, almost like it was yesterday.'
    Izaac's mind began to trail and put imagery into his head, almost like he was re-living his life.

    'Mother, I found this bird on the ground, it looks hurt.'
    Izaac's eyes were watery and his hands shaking. The bird looked like its wing had been trampled.
    'Oh dear, we'll take him home with us and we can bandage him up there, okay sweetie?'
    Isaac wiped his eyes and looked up at his mother's face, she was fair skinned and had bright brown hair tied back, her necklace hanging down from her neck, glinting in the sunlight.
    Izaac's frown turned into a smile as he gripped his mother's hand for the walk home.

    'There sweetie, the bird's wing has been bandaged, now we just need to feed him until he's better.'
    Izaac took the bird and put it in a box, laced with straw.
    'There you go birdie.'
    The bird chirped at Izaac as he put some seeds in the box for the bird.
    Weeks passed and the bird seemed to be getting better, and also at the same time it was growing attached to the young boy known as Izaac.
    'Izaac, I need you to take the bird and go with your father. Here take this.' Izaac's mother frantically looked around as she took the necklace from around her neck and placed it around Izaac's neck.
    'What's wrong mother?'
    'Nothing, now go and don't look back, don't ever look back.' Pushing Izaac out the doorway and into the street.
    In a haze of confusion and crowds of people running everywhere, Izaac was grabbed by his father and pulled through the wall of stampeding people.
    'Come on we have to go.'
    'But what about Mum?!' Izaac cried in confusion.
    'She'll be fine.'
    Izaac and his father made their way to the docks, boats leaving, and full of people. His father was looking around frantically when suddenly he pushed Izaac onto a boat and spoke his last words to Izaac;
    'Son, remember this, We are part of the noble dragon race, it has been a long time since we evolved and learned to shift into human form. Remember this and you will survive, trust no one and keep to yourself.'
    Izaac had no idea what he meant by this and with the little bird in hand Izaac and the bird set sail for new lands. The last of his memories of his actual parents reduced to mere words. Granted Izaac lived his life out exactly as he was told, but that simple rule set by his father was broken, broken when he met Elizabeth.

    'And that's basically it, I've just been moving around for the past 240 years. Eventually, ending up here with all of you.
    Izaac looked to the moon as a single tear fell from his right eye. Lovac saw it glint in the moonlight and turned to face Izaac.
    'Why are you crying? 240 years was a long time ago..'
    'It's good... every once in a while.'
    'I guess so.'
    'Anyway, It's really late, we should get some sleep.'
    'Izaac, I just want to say that I'm sorry about your parents, I really am.'
    As Izaac approached the window he turned and gave Lovac a smile.
    'Don't be, that was 240 years ago.'
    As Izaac entered the window, his story couldn't help but make her think of her own life, how she had felt relatively the same. There was a majority of it that she'd nearly forgotten
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