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perhaps I'll work that out after I draw it. xD

Update on what I have so far.
I'm relatively happy with how this Cockatrice is going, but it doesn't look very pokemon-like (I rarely draw pokemon, so they tend to be some of my worst drawings). Further more I'm stuck on what to do for it's legs and tail... So I'm yet to finish it. Still not sure on type, which makes naming it hard.

The mirrors were supposed to be Steel/Fairy but came out more Steel/Ghost - I'm open to either typing though. Other than that they do look more pokemon-like but aren't very good drawings... look very much like they were drawn by a child I think :/
Unfortunately I think that's as good as these will get from me... any of you are welcome to improve on these designs, in fact I'm almost praying for it.

Anyway... The images were huge so I'm just linking to them.

Nameless Cockatrice so far

That a closer view of it. I stuck with the traditional thin plumage on its chest (I'm thinking something similar would be nice for it's tail) but gave it a more vulture-esque head than the typical rooster-like head.

A slightly more complete view, doesn't look as good in this one.

Mirimage and Hexection (the last one needs a better name).
Both are Steel/Ghost

Name: Mirimage
Type: Steel/Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Classification: Reflection Pokemon
Gender Ratio: Genderless
Flavour Text: It is often seen hanging from the walls of buildings disguised as a mirror. If a person stares at this pokemon for too long they can become hypnotised.
Base Stats:
HP: 62
Attack: 21
Defence: 64
Special Attack: 53
Special Defence: 98
Speed: 23

Total: 321
Name: Hexection
Type: Steel/Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Classification: Reflection Pokemon
Gender Ratio: Genderless
Flavour Text: This pokemon can distort a persons reflection to appear far more beautiful or far more ugly that they truly are. It is believed by many that Hexection are the gateway to the afterlife and that staring into them too long can lead to the loss of your soul.
HP: 65
Attack: 40
Defence: 76
Special Attack: 88
Special Defence: 150
Speed: 23

Total: 442
I'm not sure on evolution but I'm thinking that Mirimage should evolve at level 30.


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