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Originally Posted by KagamiChan View Post
How about a Karaoke session via skype? o.o
That would be a ton of fun xD
I'm not too keen on that because like Skype requires a money subscription to video chat lol

If you can find a way to get say, 8-15 people on board, then by all means do it!

Originally Posted by Anglican View Post
There was an event, I think, 2 years ago?, that I quite liked - it was a scripting event, where entrants posted a script and a video demonstrating it. Now, what I'd like to see happen, is an event like that. While I wouldn't be able to host it, if it was for RMXP or ROM hacking, I think it'd be cool to have an event where entrants code something and post it, and could be judged based on a number of different things.

However, on a similar note, one event that would be quite awesome, and one that I would be able to host, would be a Java coding competition, where entrants are required to code something related to one or more themes, and post the .jar code, a link to the source, and a video (optional, but screenshots required). Personally, I could see it as a way to broaden the scope of a lot of people in terms of game dev, as there are tons of games made in RMXP, but not nearly as many coded in another language, such as C or Java.
I like the idea, but a couple things about the Java one.

First, Java/Ruby isn't easy to pick up in a hurry (it took me about a year to even get the concept of C, personally) like scripting and I don't think many others without any experience can either.

Second of all, I think RMXP and programs like that costs money, and I sure don't have any expenses to spare XD

So even though I would be willing to try it at least, I'm not too sure the less RH-oriented guys would be as willing.
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