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    Let's finish up my Red Ultimate, shall we? Just bought Black 2 the other day, so what better way to christen it? :p

    Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge Black 2 Update #1

    Badges: 4

    Name: Red
    Starter: Nacho the Tepig

    -Took out the first 2 gyms with Nacho alone
    -Took the boat to Castelia, and immediately went north to Route 4
    -There I caught 3 whole new member of the team: Boone the Darumaka, Del the Sandile, and Rooney the Scraggy. Boxed Nacho.
    -Trained them up in the Virbank Complex, Battle Company, and the Castelia Sewers
    -Took out Burgh with ease, Boone was the obvious star player
    -Got to the Desert Resort and caught the 4th member of the team, Atlas the Dwebble
    -Got to Nimbasa and trained up a bit in the surrounding areas
    -Elesa was a bit tough only because I was still a bit underleveled.

    Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge Black 2 Update #2

    Badges: 6

    -Del evolved into a Krokorok in Clay’s Gym
    -Clay himself was pretty easy. Hi Jump Kicks for everyone!
    -Went through Chargestone Cave, then felt like my mons were a bit undereleveled, so I Audino grinded everyone up to at least Lv. 35. In doing so, Atlas evolved into Crustle, and Boone evolved into Darmanitan : D
    -Even after training up a bit more in Celestial Tower, Skyla still ended up being pretty tough, mostly because of her Swanna, who had STAB on my entire team. Needless to say, items were used
    -Got a decent amount of free grinding done in Reversal Mountain, during which Del evolved into Krookodile and Rooney evolved into Scrafty : D : D
    -I got STOKED when I realized I had access to Undella Bay pre-postgame, so we caught a new member of the team, Marina the Remoraid : D : D : D
    -Leveled her up once and she became and Octilery : )
    -Went through a bunch of random routes, and saved in Opeclucis City

    Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge Black 2 Update #3 (ULTIMATE FINAL)

    Badges: 8

    -Trained a bit on the route east of Opelucid, then took on the gym (man, this gym has the best design)
    -Drayden went fine, it was fun to be Dragon Tail’d around :)
    -Dealt with some legendary story stuff (ugh) then got to Humilau City
    -Marina Bullet Seeded her way through the gym then her and Rooney took out Marlon without an issue
    -Dealt with a BUNCH more story stuff, but I take back my “ugh”, the story for this game are actually pretty sweet
    -Did some moveset editing, then went through Victory Road, which was actually kind of rough, probably because I wandered around a bit too much instead of getting right to the point

    -Shauntal was easy enough. More of a team effort than I expected, but that was just to avoid type advantages on her part
    -Marshal wasn’t terrible. Marina took out the first couple, then Del came in and had some nice confusion hax to get the victory
    -Grimsley was easy. Atlas set up with Shell Smash and took out the first three and then Boone came in and finished the job.
    -Caitlin was easy as well. Del took out the first one, and then Atlas came in again and swept up the rest
    -Iris wasn’t bad either! Team effort!

    -WOO YEAH ANOTHER ULTIMATE DONE :D! I’ll finish up my purple one next and then move on to something new. I’m thinking Gray or Blue maybe?

    NOTE: My phone was acting weird so I don’t even have a terrible phone camera screen of the HoF, but believe me I did it! My final time was 17:09! I got to watch the pretty Red Pokemon go across the screen with the awesome type pattern things!


    Boone the Darmanitan ♂, Lv. 58 @ Razor Claw
    Ability: Sheer Force
    -Fire Punch
    -Hammer Arm

    Del the Krookodile ♂, Lv.60 @ Scope Lens
    Ability: Intimidate
    -Foul Play

    Rooney the Scafty ♀, Lv. 56 @ Dragon Fang
    Ability: Moxie
    -Hi Jump Kick
    -Dragon Tail
    -Iron Defense

    Atlas the Crustle ♀, Lv. 61 @ Quick Claw
    Ability: Sturdy
    -Shadow Claw
    -Rock Slide
    -Shell Smash

    Marina the Octillery ♀, Lv. 62 @ TwistedSpoon
    Ability: Suction Cups
    -Bullet Seed
    -Ice Beam


    Nacho the Pignite ♂, Lv. 20
    Ability: Blaze
    -Flame Charge
    -Arm Thrust
    -Defense Curl
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