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Fwoof. Big images, gimmepie. That's okay, I'll resize them for you. :) I like what you have to offer though! I think your ideas are comprehensive, complete, and easy to translate to paper. Also, if there's an image link for Hexection, I can't see it.

Hehe, Naku, no one said it would happen over night. And, so far, your attempts aren't a waste at all! Working on gradients and basics like that, imo, are the best way to familiarize yourself with the software. Just go slow, work on it when you can, and have fun with it! :D That's all I could ever ask for. Now, shall I add those doodles to the main post as uncatalogued? Or were you just playing around with those?

Now I'm going to make an announcement!

First of all, good work guys. As always, you've given me so much to be proud of. :] Second, I'm considering adding a section to notate when and where we make use of new abilities and moves. I'd like everyone's opinions on that, please! I'm thinking, we list them like normal under the Pokemon, but then asterisk (*) it, or even link it, to a subsection which will detail unique or custom moves/abilities with detailed descriptions of what they do. Third, I'm going to redo the CSS on the main page. That's why I've been so slow with updating it. I want to make it a little more cohesive, with quick links so you guys can navigate it easily and a more orderly system (like alphabetized types and the details listed under *every* pokemon regardless of whether or not they're completed). So be prepared for a overhaul of that, okay?


Carry on. :)
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