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    Hmm let's see...(I recommend you don't read this post if you don't like Okami or its sequel)

    Orochi-An 8-headed serpent that you have kill by making it drunk. Too bad he was so easy, but still awesome
    Ninetails(not the Pokemon)- SHE KILLED HIMIKO AND RAO, HOW DARE SHE. Anyways, she was awesome to fight as she was pretty difficult.
    LECHKU/NECHKU- These badass twin owls were awesome but easy because you had the amazing Shiranui by your side, and their theme was awesome, and when you were in a double battle with Oki, it was like wow.
    YAMI-Okay this fight was amazing. Especially in the scene before his final form. Issun saves the day! And that cutscene was so touching and then you turn into Shiranui because of all the prayers and that's awesome. And did I mention, the theme, the sun rises is one of the most epic battle themes ever?
    Sen/Ryo -They were difficult and they made Kagu have awesome character development.
    King Fury-Oh, the fight on the lunar bunny's head. That was amazing. Especially when you get chased to the top of Daidarabotchi.
    MIZUCHI-YAY MANPUKU! Anyways, he was awesome, a dino head in ice? SWEET. And then you meet Shiranui and Isshaku!
    KUROW-My favorite character in Okamiden(next to Chibi of course) because of that ending and the scholar lady thing. Besides you had him the longest time(sob)
    Akuro-He was awesome, like you fight a dark clone of yourself and the theme was amazing. And you kill him with KUNI WEARING NAGI'S LEGENDARY ARMOR.

    And I am done.
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