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Alice Crenshaw
Pokémon Center (Room 5)

Alice found herself staring into her dreamboat's eyes. She felt Butterfrees inside her stomach as Roxas asked her on a date. He seemed nervous about it, and she was too. It was gonna be her first date, and she could hardly believe it. With cheeks as red as they could be and a wave of joy spreading from her heart all over her body, she replied with a nod and a wide smile.

"Yes! Yes, I'd love to!" she exclaimed happily.

She grabbed his hands and put her fingers between his. Once again, she stared into Roxas's eyes, without saying a word, just enjoying that moment. She didn't even care if she was sick, in fact, she wasn't even feeling so sick anymore! Jello, however, wasn't enjoying that moment so much, and instead turned so as not to see the two teenagers.
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