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    Mike Forde

    "H-Hey, wait!" Mike screamed, not seeming to even be fazed by his defeat. "I just wanted to tell you it was a good match, and I had a lot of fun! You are the 2nd strongest person I've ever faced, behind Drake! Anyways, I also want to know if I could travel with you, just for a little while? You seem like someone who could really help advance my training. Your strategy outclassed my superior power, so I wanna know how you do it! Also, and I'm a little embarrassed to say this, I kinda need a friend, as my only one is still back at my hometown. So, how about it?!" Though his anger usually would get the best of him, his drive for training and friends were stronger. It seems he is growing out of his anger problems even before Therapy begins!
    Pokemon Trainer Academy Character: Mike "Miketastic" Forde V

    Pokemon: Squirts the Wartortle: level 35
    Fang the Golbat: level 36
    Porkchop the Primeape: level 32
    Powder the Swinub: Level 16
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