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    Iny Gage: Lugia Dorm

    As the Pokemon Disperse from the attack, Several looking very sluggish as they leave, Iny lets out a sigh of relief. Glad to know that her impulse move worked she Kneels down and makes sure the girl is okay.

    "T-Thank you..." The girl whispered back.

    Iny just silently nods back, Not sure how to respond. Even more unsure when a Strange pink pokemon crashes through the window. As Iny prepared for a possible fight she glanced down at the girl she was helping.

    "M-Molly?" She asked, Obviously familiar with the strange pokemon.

    With that Iny relaxed, Standing back up she directed her attention to Molly as it gasped in surprise. Looking back and forth at the trainer and the pink pokemon, Iny was unsure what was happening.

    "What's wrong? I'm your trainer, little Munna. You don't have to be scared." The small girl said with a dark look. Her voice sounding very odd.

    Iny, Having no idea what she just got herself into, Quickly jumped back. Something was obviously wrong with her. She can hear the frightened pokemon behind her trying to talk to her. Iny, Despite not understanding a word of what it said, Assumes she's asking her to help. What could she do though? She got lucky the first time, This time its a human though. Panicking, She quickly issues her command to Cally.

    "U-Use Hypnosis Cally!" She stutters, Getting ready to run away if it doesn't work.
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