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"Oh god, where am I going?!" said Mike, completely lost due to lack of a map. "Maybe I should just head back." However, he soon realized he was stuck in the middle of the forest, lost. As Mike searched frantically for an exit from the forest, Pokemon attacked! A wild Mankey appeared and attempted a Karate Chop, but Mike quickly dodged and soon realized his only conscious Pokemon was Fang. He decided he had to do this, and released Fang from the Poke Ball. "Alright, Fang, I know your wing is damaged, but you have to fight!!!"

BATTLE: Lvl 20 Mankey

"Alright, Fang, go for an Aerial Ace!" Fang launches for an Aerial Ace, but the wing damage is severe enough to prevented her from doing so. Mankey then launched a Fury Swipes on the injured wing, making Fang permanently grounded from here on out. " Fang, use your Confuse Ray!" Fang then launched a Confuse Ray, hitting Mankey dead on and causing it to hit itself with Fury Swipes. Mike then shouted "Okay, Fang, now use Air Cutter!" Fang then swung its wing to unleash an Air Cutter, landing on one of Mankey's vital areas. The Mankey fell, and Mike threw a Poke Ball at the Mankey and successfully caught it. "Alright, I caught a Mankey!!! I think I'll name you...Porkchop!"

Mike then returned Fang, and ran as fast as he could out of the forest back to...the Suicune Dorm?! "Wow, I didn't know I was so close! Anyways- wait, where is Adrian?!!?" Just as Mike thought he was ditched, he saw Adrian coming closer from far away, and let out a sigh of relief. He then went to ask Adrian about a Pokemon Center. Mike then reached Adrian and asked "Hey Adrian, do you know where the Pokemon Center is? Also, do you know where the maps are?" Mike was very pumped up from the fight with Porkchop, so he was talking very fast. Before Adrian could speak, Mike also asked "Also, please stay here until I get back, I need to go heal my Pokemon." He then finally calmed down and awaited Adrian's answers.
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