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    Bai Kong
    “I’m sorry I can’t help,” stated Bai sadly. “But, I wasn’t really searching for them, sometimes I stumbled upon them, sometimes they came to me, sometimes they helped me, and sometimes I helped them.”

    “I have no idea why you tried to save that lake from pollution when we didn’t really have a type of Pokémon that would have been useful in that situation,” stated Hei, shaking her head.

    The faster that we could take out the Pokémon in that environment and the sooner we put them in fresher water, the lower the risk of them dying from pollution.

    “You had no way to save the lake in itself and it wasn’t as if we could keep all of the Pokémon that lived in the lake out of it while systematically giving them water for a long time either,” commented Hui, yawning.

    Well, then, we’re lucky that Suicune came when she(?)/he(?), I never really got an answer for that, did.

    Bai turned her attention back to Zen as she rejected the offer of the Lunar Wing necklace. “I don’t really care for monetary value, but if there was any way that it could have helped you, I would have gladly given one of mine up. I do have about ten left that hasn’t been given away or used myself out of the twelve I got from Cresselia. Plus, you’re not just someone, Zen, by now, I consider you a friend…If that’s okay.”

    Bai looked away, blushing slightly, but the intent was obviously sincere, but her eyes narrowed and her fists clenched when she heard about that trainer that was probably going to do something bad to Zen.

    “I’m glad you did that,” she said seriously.

    “Guys like that shouldn’t be able to reproduce,” Hei stated furiously.

    “For once, I agree with you,” stated Hei firmly.

    ”You know, if it wasn’t such a serious conversation, I would totally be complaining about the “for once”.”

    “I can talk to Cynthia if you want me too,” offered Bai. “Seriously, if she knows, she’ll back off and probably will agree with you in that retrospect. If you don’t want me to talk to her, though, I won’t.”
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