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    After Noticing that her attack failed She started to sprint as fast as she could. Although, when she saw the Munna start nudging the Girl's Arm she stopped, Almost tripping over herself. "Maybe it has an Idea" Iny thinks to herself, as she stays a considerable distance away observing what was going on.

    "I-I just wanted a friend..." Said the strange girl, Her body falling to the ground as a large Smoky pokemon appeared from her. Her first instinct would normally be to help the girl but recent events left her Frozen in place, Her initial surge of bravery was completely gone leaving her Terrified and unsure what to do. She started regretting her choice in coming here as she started to slightly shiver, Afraid that she would be next. Cally started Treading backwards, Sharing the same fear as her trainer.

    After what seemed like an Eternity, The Munna Turned back at Iny, Giving her the biggest puppy dog eyes. Knowing what she wanted, Iny Stumbled over to the girl on the dusty ground, Unsure of what to do to help her, she dropped down on the floor and starting to shake her violently. Looking up at the large gaseous pokemon she gave a small yelp and embraced the unconscious girl.
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