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Narr Effeld, Cave Seeker

Narr eagerly looked down at the map displayed before the group by the older Musus. He scanned it intensely, trying to memorize what he could from it in what little time it would be displayed around him. He had traveled by this area before, though he had never been to this particular town (he wasn't missing much, it seems). Narr was generally good at memorizing maps, as one of his key professions was a treasure hunter, and thus he had to observe and interpret them when he would go on such adventures. The map the Musus presented was standard enough so Narr would ensure they wouldn't get lost, even if they forgot her directions. So instead, Narr focused on the nearby scenery on the map instead of listening to her speak. There were three others who would be listening to her. Instead, he would be watching and memorizing.

When Narr believed he had gotten a good look at the map, he tuned back into the conversation, barely catching the end of what she was saying. "Well, that's something to clean up now. In future adventurers, don't go shouting about death and fire."

"Right!" Narr exclaimed eagerly, standing straight and pushing away from the table. The hooded human had already proceeded out of the tavern, presumably toward the location the elder Musus provided. "Well, I don't really have much use for cr*ppy equipment, and I ate before I got here, so I'm all set to go. When you're ready, meet me out front!" He shouted, and headed out the door.

The rain continued to pour hard across the roads, with Narr quickly putting on his hood to avoid getting wet. He headed to the north entrance of town, any nearby citizens who were inside the tavern before who saw him gave him passing stares, to which Narr generally ignored. He headed to the end of the road, strolling quite calmly and with a certain pace, as he expected his companions would take a while to sort out their necessities. He was surprised to see one of the others, the human in the cloak, to already be waiting as well.

"Heh...look's like someone's as eager as I am!" Narr said to him, as he walked toward the side. As he approached the man, he stopped to the right of him and looked onward to the road ahead, one of his hands grasping at one of his swords, tingling with excitement at what was to come. He tried to compose his eagerness, calmly smiling from behind his hood, scanning the path forward to try and connect that which he saw from the map with what he perceived right now. He eagerly awaited the rest of the group, reading to seek the cave.

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