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Holly Amarosa

Molly looked at Iny and smiled weakly. "Thank you..." she whispered. She glared at the Gastly. "What is your problem? Why would you do that? I don't care if you wanted a friend. Why would you do that to my trainer?" The Gastly frowned and looked at Holly. "You should be grateful. The other ghosts would have done something worse." It froze as the furniture in the room started to float around. "Like that. You guys are in big trouble," the Gastly said quickly, going into Holly's body again. Molly glared at him and gasped when a huge dresser came floating out of one of the rooms down the hall. She looked at Iny. "Let's get out of here!" she yelled, watching the dresser come closer. The Gastly came out of Holly's body for a second and frowned. "Guys, it's alright," it whispered. "They can't hurt me." Molly glared at him. "Get out!" she yelled.
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