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The Egg has Finally Hatched!!!
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"Really?! Thanks, Mr. Teacher!" Mike runs after the Monferno to his destined location. I hope he really is taking me to the Pokemon Center, I could use it! Also, I can't believe he's letting me train and prepare! I'll do my hardest to train all my Pokemon to the max!!! Mike then politely asks the Monferno to stop halfway to the location, and Mike proceeds to train his Pokemon, Porkchop. "All right, I'm done, let's continue, Monferno!" Monferno then continues to escort him. I can't wait for both Mr. Teacher and Adrian to see my new Pokemon! He's as tough as they come now! Mike then continues to run, struggling to keep up with Monferno.
Pokemon Trainer Academy Character: Mike "Miketastic" Forde V

Pokemon: Squirts the Wartortle: level 35
Fang the Golbat: level 36
Porkchop the Primeape: level 32
Powder the Swinub: Level 16
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