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Adrian, being naturally being very quick in his actions, was out of the Pokémon Center quite some time before Mike was. Hearing the Gardevoir's voice in his head was a new thing entirely. He wasn't used to talking with Psychic Pokémon, and usually ended up talking to them and hearing them speak the old fashioned way.

"I didn't know teachers roamed the grounds." Instead of going back to the Pokémon Center for a second time that day, Adrian decided to use up the rest of his items that he had bought before he left for the island -- a pair of Revives and several strong potions, along with an Elixir to strengthen his Larvesta, who was happily sitting next to him in the grass.

Upon hearing his challenge, Adrian just gave a deceptively friendly smile. "I don't like placing people at a disadvantage. How about we just spar? I usually prefer that over a full-blown battle."

There was one thing he took pride in, and that was his intelligence. He was too smart to have an all-out battle with Pokémon as obviously powerful as that, nor did he want to pass himself off as rude enough to gang up on his Pokémon simply to win. Instead, he chose a beneficial middle ground.

"My Pokémon aren't the strongest around, and their skills also need some sharpening. I can also tell that my Gastly is close to evolving, and I know how much my Supernova would appreciate a chance to let herself shine." Adrian looked kindly at Supernova, who was blushing furiously.

Adrian leaned pointedly on his cane, the foot of which was planted firmly between his feet, with the sapphires in the dragonhead's eyes glowing in the afternoon sun. "If I may introduce myself, I am Adrian Steele. You've already seen Superman and Frostbite in action, and Tetra should be able to tell you all about them."

He made it a point to leave most of the conversation open towards the teacher. Let's see how much he knows about me while Mike is gone.
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