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Man, I remember doing this all the time as a kid on Red/Blue. XD Should be fun to try this again with more knowledge. : )

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I actually had two questions. The rules state you can only use Pokemon of a certain Pokedex, but in the case of HeartGold half of the game takes place after you get the National Dex. What I'm wondering is if I'd be allowed to catch a Zangoose so long as it's after the Johto Elite Four? That would make things a lot more fun since Zangoose is one of my favourite normal types, and the only other games I could get him in pre-national dex is Ruby where he's no good, and towards the very end of Black 2. : (

The other question is if I sign up for single, but later decide to do the other games as well, does this HeartGold run apply to the ultimate?

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