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    Iny, Still failing to scramble to her feet was slowly heading towards the door, Scared out of her mind. Giving a look back she sees the big eyes of the Munna, Pleading her not to go as she stops in her tracks. Frozen in place, not knowing whether to flee or stay, The Ghost pokemon was again outside of her body but its intentions are unclear.

    Just then the munna was next to her arm Nudging it, Starting to tear up s she looked into her eyes. "Ugh, I have to do this, I would regret it too much if I didnt." She thinks to herself as she calms down and slowly gets up. Closing her eyes, She quickly pulls the unconscious girl upright and slings her over her shoulder. "Well, Atleast she's about the same size as me" She says to herself as she blindly pulls her out of the house, Trying to guess her height in her head without looking to distract herself from the current situation, Peeking ahead of herself every once in awhile to make sure she knows where She's going.
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