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    Grass monotype SS Update: 1

    - Picked cyndaquil as starter
    - hacked in an Oddish (as the happy birthday event) and used that as my starter
    - stored my lvl 6 cyndaquil in the PC
    - made my way to the first gym city
    - caught a bellsprout at lvl 6 then also went to the route just under the first city and caught a lvl 6 (IIRC) hoppip.
    -went through the bellsprout tower and then grinded all 3 of my pokemon to lvl 10-13
    - went to the first gym and cleared it out (the trainers) then healed up and went at falkner
    -the battle started with my bellsprout putting his pidgey to sleep and then beating with hit after hit vine whip (lol) he woke up eventually and injured my bellsprout I put him asleep again and switched to my oddish who was lvl 14 (IIRC) and finished the pidgey off in one acid attack
    - now it was my oddish vs his pidgeotto; we went right at it trading acid and gust respectively. my first acid got his HP down to 2/3 and his gust got me down to 30% but I lucked out big time with my last acid and got a crit and knocked him out without him using his potions at all or using roost even once.
    -battled my way the second gym city (sorry I can't remember the name of the cities)
    -cleared the slowpoke cave and then went to ilex (spelling?) forest and battled silver and of course won again used a strat of sleep/paralyze absorb/vine whip/acid. I paralyzed his croconaw with my hoppip and switched to my oddish and absorbed it to death he could not damage my faster than I could heal.
    - Entered Ilex forest and did the mini Q for cut.
    - Caught a second oddish my plan is to turn my first one into bellossom and have that one focus on grass type moves and then evolve my second knew one into a vileplume and have it focus on poison moves.
    - Went back to the city healed up and saved, wrote this and then went to bed :3

    - Today is friday and I happened to stumble upon that guy near union cave who give out the poison barb I plan to give that to vileplume and then the miracle seed to bellossom.

    -Team so far- (I would do pretty sprites but I don't know how )

    Oddish lvl 20
    acid/absorb/sweet scent/sleep powder

    Bellsprout lvl 17
    Vine whip/poison powder/wrap/sleep powder

    Hip-hop hoppip lvl 16
    stun spore/synthesis/sleep powder/tackle

    Oddish lvl 6
    absorb/sweet scent