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    Oh, this is nice and dark indeed.

    It's always great to see how the Pokemon world can be twisted into something evil with only some logic given to it. Battles between two trainers happen all the time, but there is no referee to make sure the rules are kept and the Pokemon are safe. And this is what happens. I do wonder if either trainer knew that Beedrill was being killed, and if either one of them could have called for the Bind to stop. (It would be particularly evil if Onix's trainer did see it, and didn't call off his Pokemon.)

    It's blood and fluids ran beneath his knees.
    Wrong form of "its" here. You're looking for no apostrophe, since "it's" is the contraction for "it is."

    Ash made it look so easy.
    Ash is always the one I have in my mind for how simple and happy the life of a Pokemon trainer is shown to be.

    This was great and I liked it. An interesting take on unofficial Pokemon battles and how they end.

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