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    Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
    Cool !!! A new beta !!! offering more gameplay than gamefreak games...How long will it be in the final version ??? :O
    The final version will probably include a bit more content than GSC have. I may eventually have to expand the amount of maps there are in the game, we'll see...

    Originally Posted by aka4794 View Post
    16 hours ago I loaded my save from 3.1. And today I see that 4.0 is available :D.

    I wonder if you'd ever thought about adding Leafeon and/or Glaceon into your Dark Energy?
    Leafeon and Glaceon won't be put in the hack. This is simply because there is a certain sidequest related to Eevee and its upper forms (which can be completed in beta 4 already), and I won't be changing that since it works just fine now. But that's pretty much the only reason though. But I really don't think the hack needs them, although I admit getting them would be cool

    Originally Posted by jiangzhengwenjzw View Post
    So crazy indeed! You upgraded it a lot! I really like your hack!
    Thanks jiangzhengwenjzw! Normally, I don't have to copy paste the nickname of anyone if I want to mention his name when quoting to him. This time, I had to :D

    Originally Posted by PokeManiac91 View Post
    Hey I'm in north star "treasure hunting" I have the wooly hat and the sweater but I still end up fainting due to the cold, is there something else I need?
    The Sweater is all you really need. Even though you have it, there is a high chance you'll faint due to the cold in the "colder rooms" of the cave though. But it's not so high that you wouldn't be able to "do what you gotta do" there.

    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    Ohh yeah XD i'll just download it and a clean Silver rom and SSSSHHHHAAAAAZZZAAAAMMMM !! hehe thanks miksy91
    No problem. And have fun!

    And thanks for the comments everyone!
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