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Agnes Johansson, Atticus Forsberg, Frederick Salusbury - Paris, France

8th November, 2012
Okay. She thought she was beginning to get used to living as an Atlantean, but there always seemed to be something new that could surprise her. This was... Surprising, to say the least. Agnes' jaw remained dropped from the moment they spotted Paris from above, and she was uncharacteristically quiet.

"Royal Family..." Emil said, looking out through another window and shaking his head. "Team! We're exiting here. Get ready to jump."

"Outside the plane?!" Freddie grabbed the chair he was sitting in, his legs skittering against the ground as the plane dipped up and down, side to side. "Jumping?!"

Agnes' mouth flew shut. She was sitting in the chair right next to Freddie and moved her feet to not get stamped on by a goat's hoof.

"Oh, grow up," Imogen shook her head from where she was standing up. "You know Emil is a gravity manipulator. He won't kill you."

"Are y-you sure?"

Agnes put a hand on Freddie's knee with a nervous smile. "Don't worry, Fred! If you fall, I'll catch you!"

He turned to see her attempt at being reassuring, but he still didn't smile back and he kept clutching his seat. Yeah, Agnes wasn't sure that she could carry someone else in flight; she had managed to reach greater heights under the AUP training, but the only time she had tried to carry someone was when she had swooped down to pick up Delta as a joke to make the sourly girl lighten up. That had ended in them both crashing into a bookshelf and getting buried in dusty pages. Needless to say, Agnes didn't seem to be Delta's favorite person after that. Then again, it hadn't really been different before that either.

The past week had been amazing to Agnes. In Stockholm, she had been constantly missing her old life in the quiet town where she grew up with her father. But here, she felt alive. She still didn't really understand or trust her own Atlantean ability - the way she could soar up and down as if she was diving through the air or walking on invisible platforms, and the way she had somehow managed to push William back when his wings had been in her way two days ago... She was sure that she had done it, pushed him back with his mind, or with a gust of wind somehow.

"Let's go. Cooper, take the plane somewhere safe. Devon, you stay with Cooper."

Emil was handing out orders and directing people to jump out from the plane. Agnes was nervous at first but then saw Imogen jump down and land in midair without a worry in the world. The nervousness changed into fascination. The diverse powers these guys had... Even Atticus' tail was pretty cool! In a way.

Flying was not the only thing she had been practicing over this past week. They had learned how to act smart with a computer, how to pack a punch and even how to hold and fire a real gun. Agnes had been terrified of the gun at first. Why would they even need those? Couldn't they just try to weaponize their Atlantean powers and fight with those? But she had quickly realized that not all powers were offensive enough; like Freddies or her own for example. Not everyone could turn into a crystallized monster and shatter anything in their vicinity (Agnes had a hard time reading Delta) or flap their wings to move opponents out of the way (why had Will gotten wings but not Agnes?). So she had tried to learn how to handle a gun.

And she had done well. Holding the metal piece in her hand gave her a strange sense of comfort, and after a few days of initial impatience and failure, she found some kind of deep resolve to hit her targets on the training lane. If she was feeling very happy or very angry, both of which had happened during this week, she seemed to be even more accurate than when she was feeling calm. Strange, because for most people it was the other way around. Freddie had even theorized that her air powers might not be all about flying, and that Agnes might somehow be able to bend the air in the path of the bullet enough to make it hit its target.

That theory had made her assume that she had actually used some kind of power to push Will out of the way the other day. But still, she hadn't told Freddie about it. Maybe she should though, because she hadn't made any more progress in figuring out on her own how to do other air stuff than flying, and she was getting impatient. Freddie was smart and Agnes enjoyed talking with him, even though he was anxious about everything and anything.

The ride through the flaming air in the gravity field was a thrilling one. Agnes couldn't believe what she saw. They were all sailing down towards a city that was ravaged by falling meteorites. The sky was burning and so were the streets below.

((Soundtrack, click here!))

When they reached the ground in the middle of a park near the center of the commotion, Frederick immediately fell over. Misha pulled him up quickly though. Agnes looked up ahead. The Eiffel Tower! She had never seen it with her own eyes before. Of course not, she had actually never been outside of Sweden before. Never felt the need to.

But here she was, and the Eiffel Tower was burning. Agnes readied the pistol she had been given. Most of the Atlanteans here would rather rely on their own powers than on the gun to save them in a pinch. She suspected that her being handed a gun had more to do with her lousy ability to defend herself by fighting physically than with her actually being good enough with handling the gun.

Delta took off immediately, before Misha could even notice it. If it was one thing that lady had made clear, it was that she didn't want him around if she could avoid it. Agnes glanced over at Atticus, who turned his head away just then. He had been glancing at her too. She sighed. He was probably fast determined not to let her out of his sight. If she ran into some rouge evil Atlantean or someone from the Royal Family who wanted to abduct her, she wouldn't stand a chance if the other Atlantean had more offensive powers than flying.

"Let's go, guys!" she said and started walking off the fuming grass lawn in one direction, while Emil, Imogen, Will and Devon went the other way.

"W-wait!" Freddie yelped behind them. This scenario clearly wasn't one to make him calm and able. At least he was able to walk properly enough these days.

They moved onto a street where no meteorite had landed yet. Agnes held her gun before her as she moved. She knew it was a bit silly; it wasn't sure that there really was anyone here who wanted to harm them with other stuff than meteors. But she felt more secure and focused by just holding the gun in her hands at ready.

There weren't many people running in this street. Most had probably already evacuated before the AUP got here. But there were some faces in the windows of the tall buildings. Did they really think that they would be safe if they stayed? A meteorite could crush down a building at any time.

Atticus seemed to have been thinking the same.

"Okay, priority was to rescue civilians. But why are they staying inside their homes?" he said.

"We have to get them out! Make them leave!" Agnes said eagerly. "I'll take this building and you'll take-"

"You don't even know how many are in there. You'd have to knock on every apartment and that would take ages. What if a meteor hit the building while we were inside?"

She looked up at the slightly older guy with annoyance. "But we have to help them somehow! Rescue civilians! What else can we do?"

Just then, a horribly loud sound made them look up. A meteor was heading towards their street! It was the size of a bicycle and it wasn't falling straight from above, rather sideways down like an airplan preparing to land. There was no time to think, only run. Atticus instincts made him run almost towards the flaming rock, to try and dodge it.

Freddie screamed his lungs out. Agnes flew up, her instincts activating her Atlantean powers like always. But something made her stop only three meters up into the air. Freddie was running away from the incoming meteor like a deer in headlights. Agnes didn't think, she just did.

Moments before the meteorite struck the ground and ripped up the asphalt like a knife through rough paper, Agnes swooped down and picked Freddie up into her arms. She felt the hot air from the meteor brush by her legs as she rised up again, but it didn't hurt her. She wanted it to not hurt her, and somehow it also didn't. Her heart pumped faster in her chest than ever before as she flied up to land on the roof of the nearest apartment building, tumbling down into a pile of hoofs and hair with the goat man.

"You- We- I-" Frederick tried to say as she struggled to untangle himself from the girl and stand up, having a hard time believing that he was actually alive and well.

Agnes just lay with her stomach down on the roof and breathed.

"This is dangerous!" Freddie finally managed to say.

"Really?" Agnes panted. "I agree! Where's Atticus?"

Freddie moved towards the edge of the roof to look down on the street. The meteorite had come to a stop, only after ripping up the whole length of the street and setting a car and some sidewalk bushes on fire.

Suddenly, a door was kicked open. It was the door leading up to the roof from the apartment building's stairwell, and Atticus was coming out from it, looking like he had just run up all the stairs five steps at at time.

"You okay?" he said.

"Yes," Agnes replied and stood up, smiling a bit. "Both of us. Hey, luckily it didn't hit the buildings?"


"Look!" Freddie said. The others followed his pointing finger and saw the Eiffel Tower.

It was pretty close by, only a street or two away. Just like when they looked at the city from above before, from the airplane, it sure seemed like the meteor shower was centered around that tower. Agnes furrowed her brow.

"Okay so whoever is doing this is clearly near the tower. If getting all civilians out from their homes is too time consuming, we'd better move to the center and attack the source instead. Right?" She shuddered as she said it, as it would probably mean confronting some evil Atlantean. Who could rain meteors down on your head.

"You mean someone is actually doing this?" Freddie asked.

"Haven't you seen enough strange things this last week? I can fly, you've turned into a fairytale, Delta can become a glass vase. Maybe someone can create meteors?"

"Summon them, more likely," Atticus commented. "And yeah, we should move towards the tower. The others maybe already have. You've got your gun still?"

"Oh... Be right back!"

Agnes suddenly threw herself back over the other edge of the roof, making Freddie gasp. He still hadn't gotten used to her not being as afraid of heights as a normal person should be. After half a minute, she turned up again, almost stumbling on the edge of the roof as she landed, but at least holding up a gun in her hand with a smile.

"Kind of dropped it in the heat of things!"

"Heat. Funny," Freddie said weakly.

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