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    HeartGold Normal type update
    a) Picked Chikorita as my starter
    b) Typical intro game nonsense
    c) caught a Pidgey so I could use the Pokewalker
    d) Caught a Kangaskhan in the Pokewalker
    e) Arrived at Dark Cave
    f) Spent over an hour searching for Dunsparce, which I thankfully was able to catch. Nicknamed it "Drill Magoo".
    g) fought through Sprout Tower while leveling up Dunsparce
    h) Beat Falkner at the Gym by spamming Dunsparce's Rage attack.
    i) Obtained the Togepi Egg

    Current Team:

    Lv11 KANGASKHAN (female)
    Moveset: Comet Punch, Leer, Fake Out, Tail Whip

    Lv12 Drillmagoo (male)
    Nature:Docile/Ability:Serene Grace
    Moveset: Rage, Defense Curl, Yawn.

    Platinum Normal Type Update

    a) Picked Piplup as my starter.
    b) typical intro game nonsense. named my rival "retard"
    c) Caught a Bidoof and nicknamed it "NotRattata"
    d) spent a long time level grinding Bidoof
    e) fought retard on the way to Oreburg City. Bidoof's Unaware made the enemy Turtwig's withdraw useless, but then again Barry's too stupid to know that, so he kept using withdraw.
    f) Fought everyone I could before Roark, and still had to level grind on Ponytas a bit before I could get Bidoof to evolve.
    g) Bidoof evolves into Bibarel and learns Water Gun.
    h) Easily beat Roark by spamming water gun.
    Fought Team Galactic and pressed onwards to Floroma Town.
    i) Beat Up Mars after several attempts, and metal geared my way through trainers to get to Eterna Forest.
    j) Caught my first REAL party member, a female Buneary that for some reason I named "Lady Sia" (after a cool GBA game by the same name)
    k) Metal Geared my way back to Floroma and slathered honey on the three Honey trees around the area.
    l) Ev trained Buneary a bit before turning the game off and going to bed.
    m) Next morning I examined the three honey trees. They contained Combee, Burmy, and my primary target, Aipom! (Got lucky)
    n) Caught the Aipom, and it was a great one! Adamant Nature with the Run Away ability, which will later turn into technician when it evolves. Nicknamed it Coconuts after the monkey in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.

    Current Team:
    Lv15 Lady Sia (female)
    Nature:Sassy/Ability: Run Away
    Moveset: Pound, Defense Curl, Foresight, Endure

    Lv8 Coconuts (Male)
    Nature:Adamant/Ability:Run Away
    Moveset: Scratch, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Astonish

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