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"Well, I don't really have much use for cr*ppy equipment, and I ate before I got here, so I'm all set to go. When you're ready, meet me out front!"

"Heheh," the nomad laughed to himself as Narr walked away. Slowly, he stood up from the table as well. "A little over eager, isn't he? I guess I will be on my way as well." He turned to look at the Musus who had hired them. "We'll bring him back, if we can. Don't lose hope, even though it looks grim." With that, he followed suit, and also left the tavern.

The Nomad hated the rain. It filled him with a sense of dread for what it could do. But he did not let it get to him. He walked slowly through the small village. There really wasn't much to it. Goblins... This town needs a hero. Maybe we can give them 4.

He was surprised to find 2 people waiting for him at the entrance. He moved in to join them. "You need to work on your manners" he said as he pointed to Narr.
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