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    Update #2
    Type: Bug
    Game: Fire Red
    Gyms: 8

    Evolved Nidorino at Lv 25. Levelled all to Lv 28 to take on Lt. Surge. Beat his gym with Arbok and Beedrill. Added Voltorb to the list purely for Flash. Ivysaur evolved in Rock Tunnel.

    As I had a few days off the game, I can't remember the levels my Pokemon were when I beat the other gyms.
    However, after beating the elite 4 my levels are as follows;
    Beedrill Lv56
    Nidoking Lv57
    Arbok Lv56
    Venusaur Lv58

    @NecrumWarrior - I've just finished my Poison Kanto region and am moving onto Johto. I'm just wondering if I'll be alright to use the Liquid Crystal ROM? I know it mentions using hack ROMs in the OP but I'm not too sure with this hack as it's still the Crystal map but with the addition of Orange Islands.
    Completed Challenges - Fire Red Randomized Nuzlocke - Final Update

    Soul Silver Randomized Nuzlocke up next