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    Originally Posted by LycaNinja View Post
    So this happened... I guess this confirms these rumors as true...


    Still I don't think it is all accurate to a tee... Fairy should be strong against Ice as well, right?

    I made this for the new typing...

    Those first three rub me the wrong way... I like the rival giving me their start... That means I can get Chespin and get Froakie later :D... But I will want Squirtle... If I want to use them, I'll have to pick Fennekin and get Chespin ... Dammit I want to ride my Pokemon... Even if its just a Speed EV minigame... HMs... No me gusta... Belch... Another attack to use up a slot for the one use you have for it... I told everyone there was a new form and nobody believed me... I wanted a Water/Dark frog, since we have a Water/Fighting Frog already... Only redeemable course is a ninja frog...
    Well, unless you are a Snow Fairy I really don't see how you could defeat ice in any way. If anything, Ice would freeze the Fairy! Plus Grass and Fairy would be neutral because Fairies live in nature.
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