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    Fourth update, and like Necrum before me, this one is also a seventh badge update.
    • Rode with Skyla, Professor Aurea Juniper, and Bianca to Lentimas Town.
    • Explored the Strange House and got the Lunar Wing.
    • Passed through Reversal Mountain with Bianca's help. The atmosphere's a lot different here than it was in White 2. Also, I noticed that the layout's slightly changed. I got an item here that I couldn't reach in White 2, but I also saw one I couldn't reach now. I wonder if there's one of those key thingies that changes the layout here...
    • Made it to Undella Town, and after healing, immediately dashed southward to Route 14.
    • On Route 14... our fifth team member joined us! Welcome to the party, Mienfoo! ^-^
    • Beat all the trainers in Undella Bay to train Mienfoo up.
    • Rival! I think Archen was my lead here. Acrobatics was a OHKO against Unfezant and Simisage, but not Samurott. I think it would've been a 2HKO, but Aqua Jet surprised me and took Archen out. Oh well, great experience for Mienfoo!
    • Went through Route 13 and reached Lacunosa Town.
    • Returned to Route 13 to defeat Cobalion for experience.
    • Battle against Zinzolin and his lackey! Cryogonal was quite an annoyance; Ice Beam is powerful, and it also froze Mienfoo. Fortunately, it's super fragile physically, so I think a Flame Charge took it out.
    • Passed through Route 12, Village Bridge, and Route 11 to get to Opelucid City.
    • Beat the hooligans loitering around Shopping Mall Nine, as well as the servers inside the mall.
    • Opelucid gym was a bit worrisome, after I saw how my team fared against the veterans inside the gym. But Drayden's battle went a lot better than I expected. I immediately switched Archen out with U-turn against his Druddigon, so that Crunch would attack Squirtle with his Rocky Helmet. I basically spammed Iron Defense as we took its physical attacks while damaging it with the helmet. After a Hyper Potion, I started using Bite, getting two consecutive flinches! But then Dragon Tail called out Shaymin. So two Psychics finished it off. Flygon was next, and was immediately seeded. Shaymin got Dragon Tailed for Archen, though. I got off an Acrobatics, but only after taking a near-fatal hit from Rock Slide. That was enough though, so Drayden was down to his trump card: Haxorus. Archen fainted right away from whatever attack it used. Shaymin took his place and fired off a Leech Seed. The rest of the battle was basically exchanges of Dragon Dance and Psychic (with a Sitrus Berry being consumed at some point). After three Dragon Dances, he used Assurance, which wasn't enough to bring down Shaymin, so one final Psychic did him in. And thus, we won the Legend Badge! ^-^

    The team so far:

    CharacteristicQuick to fleeStrongly defiantMischievousHates to loseVery finicky
    AbilityBlazeDefeatistTorrentNatural CureInner Focus
    ItemEvioliteNoneRocky HelmetLeftoversShell Bell
    MovesFlame ChargeAcrobaticsSurfEnergy BallDrain Punch
    Head SmashAncientPowerBiteLeech SeedPayback
    StrengthU-turnIron DefenseReturnRock Slide
    Flare BlitzCrunchDigPsychicU-turn

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)