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Oh joining!

Username: BlahISuck

Overall Fitness Goal: Marathon by age 24, 100+ pushups, lose my pot belly!

Summer Fitness Goal: Lose 10 pounds, preferably 1 pound a week, comfortably run 10k, 50 pushups. Hopefully lose pot belly too.

Favorite Physical Activity: Biking! Wind in my hair and soft on my knees.

Today's workout: Biking at 10.77 mph for 54 minutes. Followed up with 5 minute cooldown walk/run. A fellow cyclist told me I should raise my seat. I told him it's as high as it goes. I need a new bike (I typed: I kneed a knew bike XD)

Question: How do you deal with bloating? I've had a pot belly ever since I came back from vacation and it just doesn't seem to go away. I did more drinking than I normally do (none) but I don't think you could grow a beer belly in 3 weeks. I also have invisalign and it makes my teeth feel a bit numb --> chewing food less --> more gas? I eat plenty of vegetables every meal, around 300g cooked for lunch and dinner. Should I consider taking a laxative? I don't think it's plain blubber, it's hard for me to stand up straight, really strains my abdomen.


Today's workout: I ran 6.1 km in 30 minutes today (7.6 mph), which I think is a new personal record. Of course, there was a 15 minute (each) warm-up and cooldown. I followed that up with an hour of golf, which is the first time I've played outside of lessons. It was great to see all the training still intact, even a year after I had them.

I think my next goal is running 30 minutes of 8 mph. I'd also like to bring my 12-minute run level to 7 (2800 m), last time it was 6.5. I think I'll do some light biking on my crappy walmart bike(10-11mph) for an hour tomorrow as crosstraining. I'll probably do the golf thing every weekend now.

I think bloating is related to my diet. It was gone yesterday, but it's back today cuz I'm Chinese and so I eat a lot of refined carbs. Not going to change that though, just going to add more fibre into my diet with Kelloggs All-Bran Original.