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    Question. Whats the plasma energy for? Also are you playing a modified deck? If so i dont think Bill is a legal card.

    Also im currently trying to put together a crobat deck as well. My pokemon breakdown is:
    3-1-3 Crobat
    3-1-3 Scolipede
    2x Giratina
    1x Mr. Mine
    1x Mewtwo EX

    Though i would plan on running Rare Candies. Other things i kinda wanted to run is Toxicroak or Muks.

    Idk what the energy counts on the other pokemon in terms of colorless. But i think you could run a few double colorless and the rest psychic energy. You should also put in more drawing cards like Juniper or w/e, to allow you to refresh your hand more. Probably the team plasma grunts come out and junipers, N, or Colress go in.

    But thats all my opinion.
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