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"Beta 4"


Oh my god, Beta 4 has easily outdone it's predecessor by a long shot. The cutscene at the beginning was inventive. The guard key quest was pretty laughable ("I could use a nap myself...") and the gameplay has gotten some serious improvements.

The only thing I see that hasn't been changed is the wild Pokemon to Trainer Level Ratio thing. In the last version, the wild Pokemon were incredibly hard to train with. It's really hard to have a fighting chance against the third gym when their Pokemon are like, what, Lvl. 26 while I can only train against Lvl. 11 Pokemon in the wild. I'd recommend upping the wild Pokemon levels a bit more. Instead of only increasing the levels by 2 or 3, I'd change them by 4 or 5 depending on the distance between the Routes and towns and any caves or tunnels or etc. in between. (This is probably a personal issue since I just straight up suck at training and really only wanna focus on the gameplay as opposed to actual battling stuff.) Just something to consider during Beta 4.1

Great job otherwise, impressive and creative as always!
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