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    Hey Kura and Blah! Great job on your exercises!

    I thought this thread was doomed. Haha.

    Kura - Swimming is definitely one of the most rewarding workouts for sure!

    Blah - Wow, looks like you've been hitting the cardio.

    In regards to your question:
    First, do you exercise regularly, or are you just getting into a regular or more extensive exercise routine? If so, those who begin regular exercise will experience bloating for the first week or two; not to worry, it's just water.

    If you have been regularly and consistently exercising, it might be due to dietary changes, as you might have guessed. Actually, lots and lots of vegetables is great for you. Though, I remember not being accustomed to consuming so many of them before I began exercising regularly and I had extreme bloating. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can cause gas if eaten in large quantities if you are susceptible, but this may subside if you are not accustomed to large intake of vegetables. Another food to look out for is dairy. I believe Asian people are more susceptible to dairy indigestion. (I happen to be sensitiveness given that I am a quarter Native American). I gained 10 pounds of water one week after drinking a 32oz dairy-based protein shake daily. Bahahaha. It was terrible! I bloated so far my ribs were in pain for 3 days! Now I only do 16oz every other day and have not had issues since.

    My update:

    I myself have been playing around with the idea of carb cycling. Eating high amounts of carbs after vigorous work out and very little carbs on days off. Some of my friends have had success with it. Essentially, I only eat significant amounts of carbs including whole grains, starchy vegetables (potato), and lots of fruit, after weight lifting, and on sedentary days, I stick to a low carb diet, mostly less starchy vegetables. Either day, I try to maintain a certain amount of protein both vegetable and animal based. Thus far, over one month, my digestive system has been handling it well. It's exciting that I have been able to eat SO MUCH (2500-3500 calories on workout days), and I have not gained any fat while bulking, actually lost 3 pounds while increasing my sets since adopting this strategy along with my workouts and tweaked intermittent fasting. It sounds drastic "fasting" but it is actually very manageable, and makes sense if you do some research.

    I wake-up around 8 or 9 AM, do business as usual. Then I work out around 1PM, and finish-up around 2PM. I eat my first meal at 2PM (A MASSIVE CARBY MEAL), then I eat at 5PM, a largish-sized meal with plenty of carbs and protein. Lastly, I have my final meal at 8 or 9 PM. Then, I press-on the break on my carb intake, but not completely and eat a medium-size meal. I go to bed and wake-up at 8 AM the next day, taking a break from weight lifting so my muscle can recover and grow. I have my first meal around 2, then 5, and then 9, making sure to limit carbs to vegetable based (not starches), and this day especially is great for red meat, olive oil, fish, avocados, and other fat-rich foods long with protein. I go to bed, that night, and start the two day cycle over again.


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