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#7 Update for Monofire - White 2

-Picked the Brave Female
-done boring stuff
-bring Town Map to Hugh

: difficulty 1/5
*used the X-Attack and then Tackle FTW

-caught the Naive Femaleinside Virbank Complex
-done Virbank Complex Quest
-evolved intoin Virbank City Gym

: difficulty 1/5
*Flame Charge and it was easy

-defeated Team Plasma
-looting Castelia City
-caught the Naive Maleon Route 4
-done Castelia Sewers Quest

: difficulty 0/5
*2 Mons are 4x weak to Fire xD

-done Desert and desert Resort

: difficulty 4/5
*totally hard I didn't think this to be that hard xD but I had 2 -Sp.Defense nature xD anyway... manage to beat everyone with some healing

-defeated Team Plasma
On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons