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    Just uploaded Beta 3!!

    Remember to patch in a clean rom, and start a new save file if you don't want any glitches.

    I'm sorry if Beta 3 doesn't have as much update, but I was very busy with uni and plannin the trip. So hope you guys are fine with that!

    PLEASE READ THE FAQ to be aware of some severe freeze glitches, and ways to prevent it from happening.

    Also, don't forget to show your support by liking the videos on Youtube. 1 like really makes the thing I'm doing, worth it.

    Originally Posted by NobodyAdam View Post
    I love you. But before I play I think I'm going to reread the manga, it's been awhile. And I'm a little confused, how far does it go into the story? Is it done with some bugs, tiles and some other smaller things that need adjusted.
    Beta 3 goes from Lavender Town to the end of Tails of Ninetale chapter. I fixed most of the glitches from beta 2, but I'm not surprise if beta 3 would have new glitches. Tiles have been fixed, but I still didn't get the chance to fix the sprites. I wanted to redo Red and Green's sprite, but I didn't have the time.
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