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My team for R/B isn't quite ready yet and I have a few questions. I'd really like it if you guys could help me choose a couple extra Pokémon and if you could suggest movesets as I'm a complete beginner.

I also would like to know if Dragonite can only be obtained through the coin game and if picking Red/Blue will have an influence on my team completion. I believe all of my potential Pokémon can be evolved either through a stone or by growing up.
Sadly I cannot trade so there are some good Pokémon I won't be getting.

My main problem is the starter. What is the starter which would be the most useful against the E4 (given my team ideas?)

Please let me know if I chose a Pokémon that's really bad for the team. I checked their weaknesses and normally they are good to go, but maybe their moveset/ stats are bad.

Also, do warn me if one of the Pokés I choose will only be available very late IG. I might not be able to train a lot right before E4 (I want a balanced team for the later arenas).

1. Arcanine
I saw him and absolutely loved him. He's one big boy, and very cute.
He's the reason why I don't want to pick Charizard anymore. I've never had one before.

2. Blastoise/Venusaur
Well that's a tough one. I need to pick a starter if I want to actually play the game. I love all three starters so I really want to pick the best one for my team.

3. Dragonite
He has very high stats and I just like him a lot. However I'm afraid I can only get him through the coin game. I'd be prepared to let them go if that were the case.

4. Hypno
Well I can't get Alakazam and I do some auto-hypnosis IRL so it was tempting to pick him. I quite like Psy Pokémon.

5. Jolteon
Urgh I don't like Eevee's evolutions. I don't know why he's in the list. Probably because I didn't find another Poké that would make the team more balanced. I'd like to get rid of him.

6. Snorlax
This one is obviously staying.

Possible replacements for "dubious" Pokés:
Lapras/ Starmie/ Nidoqueen
I don't know if Mewtwo is obtainable early enough and to be honest I don't like the way he looks, I'd rather have a Mew.
I like all three replacements but my passion for Water Pokémon is probably an issue (if taken too far :p)

That's it, sorry for the long post!