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    Originally Posted by Genshi View Post
    I was grinding with VBA speed up option, so I may have encountered about 50 pokémon in that hour XD I didnt know about the Battle Room XD Also
    why is the squirtle event 100% shiny and the charmander one not (at least in 3.1 it was like that)...
    I personally would like those the other way arround
    When I started creating this hack a long time ago, I wanted to try out something new all the time. So at the time, I wanted to go for making a shiny pokemon encounter and therefore, that event turned out like that and I never changed it.

    Some people suggested me changing it to being non-shiny by default but others said "No, keep it shiny since it's been like that in beta 3 as well.". And you've gotta make choices, and I went with option #2.

    Originally Posted by meetthesinner View Post
    hi! please help me. im playing pokemon dark energy . . after talking to the messenger at the bbc . . what should i do to go the next area?? the road was close.
    You won't get further from there, it's the end of the road.

    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    haha my curiosity didn't worked enough XD i tried my 3.1 .sav file at 4.0 , and i'm stuck at Greenwood Town where the guard had lost his key :D I went back to his house at Milky Village but the Wife's not giving it anymore XD
    And now i really started a new game because i know i'll miss out a lot of COOL events nice work !!
    P.S .. in the intro where Oak introduces himself , is it really Techinal University of Suden ?
    Well that wasn't "much of a bug" really. There would have probably been straight "freeze" glitches there as well if you tried entering some areas. Of course, it still made it impossible to continue.

    What do you mean about "Techinal University" ? It's just that, I wanted to name to place that way. It could have also been just "University of THE CAPITAL" or similar

    Originally Posted by NobodyAdam View Post
    Sounds amazing, can't wait to play it, downloading it right now.
    Alrighty! And thanks for the comment.

    Originally Posted by PJBottomz View Post
    "Beta 4"


    Hahha! :D

    Originally Posted by PJBottomz View Post
    Oh my god, Beta 4 has easily outdone it's predecessor by a long shot. The cutscene at the beginning was inventive. The guard key quest was pretty laughable ("I could use a nap myself...") and the gameplay has gotten some serious improvements.

    The only thing I see that hasn't been changed is the wild Pokemon to Trainer Level Ratio thing. In the last version, the wild Pokemon were incredibly hard to train with. It's really hard to have a fighting chance against the third gym when their Pokemon are like, what, Lvl. 26 while I can only train against Lvl. 11 Pokemon in the wild. I'd recommend upping the wild Pokemon levels a bit more. Instead of only increasing the levels by 2 or 3, I'd change them by 4 or 5 depending on the distance between the Routes and towns and any caves or tunnels or etc. in between. (This is probably a personal issue since I just straight up suck at training and really only wanna focus on the gameplay as opposed to actual battling stuff.) Just something to consider during Beta 4.1

    Great job otherwise, impressive and creative as always!
    Darn it... I've seemingly not made it clear everyone should go training to the Battle Room instead of grinding against wilds in the bushes (when grinding is needed).

    Actually, the same guy who talks about taking a nap will tell you they've build this battle simulator rooms in upper rooms of every PC and says you should check it out (this happens when you're not looking for a way how to wake up the guard).

    But really, thanks for mentioning about it. I know just the way how to "lure" people out to go and check that place even if you hadn't heard of Battle Room by that time (something to be put in "bug fix release" beta 4.0.1 if such comes up before 4.1).

    Thanks a lot for the feedback by the way! I appreciate it.

    Originally Posted by classiccartoonsftw View Post
    I've found a text error while playing. When you received Totodile, and battled Roland afterwards, and then talk to Professor Joke, he says:

    "Have fun with your Chikorita!"
    That's actually not an error but something I added in as one of the "last minute" add-ons during this week. What's the idea is to make professor Joke even more stupid than he is.

    What happens in the cutscene is that the boy who says "I got to choose first!" was supposed to get a pokemon while the player and Roland end up in the lab due to that jerk sailor. Prof. Joke knows only one person should have begun his journey that day but due to his sillyness, he ends up giving you and Roland a pokemon too. And after Roland picks his own one, Prof. Joke is even "excited" about you getting your first pokemon too;
    "It's your turn! Go and get the one that's still left!"

    And after you've gotten Totodile, Joke mistakes that ball for Chikorita that was in the other pokeball. That's no way self-explanotary, that's true, but something I felt like dropping in.

    Originally Posted by classiccartoonsftw View Post
    EDIT: I've found another error, this time in Area 123 (S). Here's a picture:

    Area 126 is not accessable in beta 4 and I was kinda lazy because I didn't want to map that area yet (or put up a map connection leading there either). That most likely won't be fixed until beta 5.

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