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    With anime it's kind of a turn-off if it's over 100 episodes. Just seeing that number of episodes is enough to put the entire series in the back of my mind and it's the reason why I haven't watched Gintama. On the plus side, excessive length means that there must be some merit to it. Despite the somewhat popular opinion, a show isn't bad because of its length. It's actually pretty stupid to say so.

    The length of a manga is absolutely no problem at all, though. Manga's strange. Something like Ao no Exorcist has a bit over 40 chapters but each chapter is really long, but Toriko has over 200 and each one is pretty short. Overall it feels more rewarding to read something with shorter chapters since it feels like I'm actually accomplishing something, but I enjoy catching up with something that has longer chapters. Plus there's almost never anything that can be considered filler.
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