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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    I honestly thought that light reflects off of ice (if not, shines through it) but doesn't do any exact damage to it, so it'd be either "not very effective" or it wouldn't have any effect on ice at all.

    On a separate note though, I see Fairy and Ice being neutral to each other, for some reason. Maybe that's just me, though. If Fairies were to be weak to ice because they could freeze, by that logic, they should be weak to fire as well, since they could burn, and then they should be weak to water as well, because theoretically they could drown, etc etc.

    Too many typing inconsistencies, really. .__.;
    Fairies, as according to the Sylveon skit are SE against ice types. Keep assuming that Ice is weak to Fairy until proven otherwise. Other than that the match up logic you have is not logical at all. You can drown plants and burn water, so by what you say Fire should be SE to water and Water SE to Grass. We know this is not true. You're over analyzing this. We only know 1 match up as given by Gamefreak at E3. We have two highly supported possibilities as shown on Smash. Concerning both Fairy Types and Sylveon we know very little but we do have some solid info not to jump to conclusions or make extreme guesses.

    Concerning the rumored match ups, all of them, they're pretty much false. Dark doesn't seem to be weak as Hydreigon survived a Special Attack looking Fairy Wind from a base stat 125 Sp.atk Gardevoir with STAB. Unless the attack itself was like 40BP it would have OHKO'd it if x4 weak. So those that fid not list Ice or those that listed Dark as weak to Fairy are fairlyfalse at this point.
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