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    Originally Posted by Rjwalkyz View Post
    Where I get the acient sword I beat the central area and the challenge bridge?..I read it all the answers and questions from the people but I don't get it...but they say the sword is in the giant house in the island. But where is the giant house? What location? Where near? Or that is not in giant house in the island?
    I think I said it's in a underground cave, and it's near to Redwood City(Not Mystery Cave), try to find it there.

    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    Yeah I was having that feeling that Fuligin has Brox city but here???

    Just a heads up... I have gotten recently HM Rock Smash at Highwave path. Now I am stucked and don't know where to go. Any suggestion???
    Go back to Mt.Skywall, there's another road on the right which was blocked by a rugged rock, smarsher it for the way to TYRON Tower.

    Originally Posted by ZakTheManaic View Post
    Can someone tell me when golbat evolves please?
    Golbat evolve when leveled up with its happiness value at 220, just like the original Emerld version.

    Originally Posted by chaosrules View Post
    Is there a move relearner in this game?
    If there is, is the price still a heart scale?
    Of course, someone called Dr.T will do this, and just like the original version, he requires a Heart Scale for it.

    Originally Posted by jozo View Post
    i was wondering is there any everstone??
    That's a problem, I think I forgot to add it anywhere, sorry, so the only way to stop evolving will only be pressing button "B", sorry.

    Originally Posted by silentCD View Post
    Where is the golden temple? And where are all the legendaries?
    Golden Temple is on Jade Volcano.
    For all the legendaries, I think you can find Celebi in Rumors Forest if you find GS Ball, you can find Keldeo near Freshwind Villa after you arrived Flora Island, Reshiram/Zekrom will be found on the top of Jade Volcano after the event on the top of Mt.Skywall, Kyurem will be available after that in Mt.Snowy, Cresselia will be found on Rocky Road if you got Lunar Wing, Darkrai will be found in Whitewave City after the event in Hidden Cave. Latios/Latias will be found in Halfleaf Cave after you defeated the E4, Shaymin will be avaliable in Flora Road in Flora Island after a hidden event in S.S Bluesea, Mew can be found in High Edge Falls, Mewtwo is in Redwood City, Giratina can be found in Crystal Villa after the event in Orange Villa. By the way, Arceus can be found in a part of Mt.Skywall after you got Azure Flute. I think these are all I can remember.
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