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Yeah, I've got to admit I was dubious about Chelsea paying £20mil, he hadn't really impressed me that much against Honduras in the Olympics. And also I was annoyed that United were being priced out of the good Brazilians like him and Lucas, after all that money we wasted on Kleberson and Anderson (although he still has promise, he's never going to improve fast enough to be a starter for United).
He genuinely looks like the real deal. Not quite the natural dribbler Neymar is, but a bit more of a playmaker. And this goal:

As Scyke says, he helps out more defensively than Mata, Hazard, Neymar, Hulk etc. too. The complete package really. Except for height. Fellaini would just walk over him xD

EDIT: Looking forward to Mexico vs. Italy.
I can see Italy bossing the midfield with Pirlo, Marchisio, De Rossi etc. But if Balotelli has a bad day they might have to hope El Shaarawy comes up with something special. Whereas Mexico are even more reliant on the incredible Chicharito.

EDIT: #predictiongod xD So...Pirlo's free kick was absolutely class, and they won 2-1. Where've we seen that before? Glad to see Chicharito on the scoresheet, even if it was a penalty (God Barzagli was awful in that match). Italy were deserved winners of an entertaining game (especially in the first half), Balotelli deserved his goal - amazed to see him work hard, and not just sulk when Pirlo told him he couldn't take free kicks xD.

Hating how late Spain vs. Uruguay is, but I'm probably going to watch it because it's not like I have exams next week or anything. Oh wait...
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