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Quick thoughts on the Pidgey episode.
- Misty looking for dat Corsola still. Let's go to an island full of pudgy Pidgey, yay!
- Lmao that bridge... now that's how you cross a bridge.
- Those Pidgey are so pudgy because you're over feeding them. D;
- Orville! What a cutie pie!
- "just very fat" aw that's not nice, Oak.
- So many baby Pidgey! I wonder how Olli is taking all of this in.
- Orville just wanted to show off. :P
- Keep yo doors locked!
- How could the twerps not overhear Team Rocket's conversation? xD
- Spearow and Fearow are such bullies in the anime.
- Orville cold. ;-;
- Why did you command Thundershock wat/
- That's what you get. :P
- Pudgy Pidgey to the rescue!
- Rocket blasts off! How do they survive the fall? Oh ya, stuck in a tree there. :P

One little Pidgey inspires the other Pidgey to fly. :D I really like how Team Rocket basically helped Orville make its dream come true. Meowth really connected with Orville, too. The twerps didn't do much this episode. Just what was Ash thinking when he ordered Thundershock to revive poor Orville? Why did Misty never look for any Corsola? Who knew that the Character of the Day and Team Rocket would have more pleasant and useful screen time than the main characters. :P
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