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    I personally don't think there should exist a limit to how many children a couple should produce but I do believe we need to start making people a little more aware that having a lot of children = lot of stress...

    It's been scientifically proven that in the recent years, couples with lower IQ's have more children than couples with higher IQ's. It's a fact, you can search it up. (Look I'm not saying big families are stupid, it's just a %)

    I think parents should know when to stop procreating, it's not just about the money, it's about the quality of their life, you are not talking about cattle that'll be chopped up eventually, kids are a piece of work. You need to treat them all, teach them all, clothe them all, feed them all, play with them all and if a person is already in it's limit with the current number of children, they have to start using condoms ASAP. Your kids might have to take care of you in the future, I think it's wise to remember that, if you treat them like **** through their childhood, I hope you have no problems living at an old people's home.
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