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I think you should have has many kids as your heart desires, so long as you can financially and emotionally sustain them. I mean, if you are a low income family who wants more than two kids (let's say an outrageous number like five or something - more than the normal children you find in a family household), I would make some changes in your desires, so your child doesn't have to live a "poverty-stricken" or "low-income" family life. Coming from a family who has enough money to survive (barely), I believe you should have as many kids as your wallet and heart allows you to. Also, over population is a concern in other nations and countries outside of the United States, which could move over to the US in the future, making the US over-populated also. Even though I highly doubt that the US will get over populated, it is a smart idea to have no more than two kids a household for awhile. Or you should not have more children than there are parents (single parent: one child; two parents: two children or less). While the US is in a economic strain, I think we should all have children responsibly.

But there should not be a limit or restriction on how many children you have. If you want the kids, no matter how rich or poor you are, it's not my decision to make. Right? and, usually, whenever you restrict someone from doing anything, it ultimately makes them want to do it more often.

I also think they should give out birth control products (for both males and females - like birth control pills/shots or condoms, for guys) for free so we can all have sex responsibly.
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