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...Continuing my firered WATER monotype (I haven't played it in months!!!)

Here is my progress:

-Got the tea from the old lady in Celadon... Had to check a guide for it because I was lazy to explore.
-Beat the guys in the fighting dojo, but didn't pick any of the pokemon because they don't match my monotype challenge, which is WATER.
-Fought Gary. Used Acid Armor that my vaporeon just learned to bulk him up a bit. Aurora Beam against his Venasaur was a 2HKO. Got poisoned in between turns though.
-Beat Green and got my Lapras. Yay! I hope it has a nice nature. I never used a Lapras before, can you believe it?
-Beat Giovanni super easily. And my Lapras is Rash, which is not so bad.
-My gyarados alone earned me the Marsh Badge!
-The Viridian City gym leader is back, so that's where I went next. Got the Earthbadge from Giovanni. It was so easy that I felt like I was cheating!
-Beat Gary and stopped at the entrance of the Victory Road. That's a story for another day

Badges: 8/8
E4: Not yet
Team: Blastoise, Seadra, Vaporeon, Gyarados, Kabutops
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