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June 16th, 2013

This week-end we decided to take a break and have fun at the beach in Undella Town. Just as we're heading out, I suddenly bump into Hugh right at the Pokemon Center's doors, and sure enough, he's challenging me right away! Unfezant is the first of his Pokemon to come out. It's a male, as one can tell from the bright red plumage on his head, that is apparently called a wattle. Nonetheless, as menacing as his Pokemon seem, with their crests and their horns, they still fall one by one to my team:

"You're strong, Miau! After all, you're the one who helped me fight Team Plasma and find my sister's Purrlo-- well, Liepard. I want you to have this, it's HM06 Dive, you can use it to dive underwater with your Pokemon. You'll still need a mask and snorkel though, but you can easily borrow one at the Pokemon Center right here!"

And with that, he's gone, headed towards Cailin's beach house, where Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia is supposedly spending her vacation. Heh, I never thought Hugh of all people would turn out to be a fan-boy!

After watching the dive tutorial on the computer back at the PC with Azul the Wailmer, we're finally ready to hit the beach. But wait, there's another surprising encounter, this time with... Team Plasma's Zinzolin!? What is he doing here, and with the robe and toque even, on this sunny day? He mumbles something about ciphers and treasures hidden underwater right here, in Undella Bay, in a place they now call the Abyssal Ruins, before vanishing as suddenly as he appeared. Was it really him, or am I having a sunstroke?

Oh, who cares anymore? Somehow, we finally managed to reach the beach! The water is great, and I don't even know how Azul and I managed to go so farther offshore this fast. The sea seems deeper here! I put on my mask and snorkel, hang on to Azul's right fin, and we dive. As we go further, the currents get stronger, and it's getting harder to swim. But wait, is that... The Abyssal Ruins? Sure enough, there's an old castle underwater, and there's the entrance!

"Let's go, Azul!"

The Wailmer somehow fits inside and more so, is able to swim swiftly through the corridors. There are symbols written on some of the walls, and every here and there, coins scattered on the floor. The pressure is getting almost unbearable and there's a strange sound clicking in my ears. As I reach for a small stone figure lying in a corner, I only let go of Azul's fin for a second, when suddenly a strong torrent of water slams me into one of the walls...

I woke up on Azul's back, surfing back to the beach. How did we get to the surface? Did I imagine all of that? As I get down and my feet touch the sand, I reach for my bag, that is somehow still clinging to me, and here they are, the coins rattling and glittering in the sun. Things are cleared up at the PC. Yes, the ruins underwater are of an ancient tomb where a king is said to rest, and it is said that there are relics to be found inside. And apparently, there is a relic maniac living right here in Undella, and they say he pays a fortune to collect everything that's down there.

Huh? Relic maniac? I wonder if he can tell me more of the Abyssal Ruins. I show him everything.

"These coins were used as currency a long time ago and they're sometimes washed up on the beach," he says, "this small statue though, it must be 3,000 years old! It's worth a lot, I'll give you 200,000 for this!"

With my new small fortune in my pocket, and a small silver coin as a souvenir, I decide to leave Undella for now. It's already late anyway, so we'll take this chance to go trough the Marine Tube and see the Frillish colonies that float around at night. In the morning we'll reach Humilau, and maybe then we'll finally have a relaxing time at the beach!